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"The Aloha Podcast Network delivers the best variety of Hawaiian podcasts with Aloha..."

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5 Latest Network Episode's:

Hawaii Resort Fees, Are They Worth It?
On October 10th, Maui resident Kathleen Soule filed a class action lawsuit against Priceline and Marriott Resorts. Kathleen is suing because she The post Hawaii Resort Fees, Are They Worth It?...
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GNC #990 Amazon Fire Stick - Geek News Central Audio
Amazon is getting serious in it’s battle for the set top box or in this case the Amazon Fire Stick which from a performance standard looks to outpace the chromecast. I have ordered two and at $20.00...
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Hawaiian Concert Guide Show 483 - A Hui No?
Aloha mai kakou, Ian OʻSullivan Born and Raised This evening's podcast was part of a new live video feed. Each week's show will be visible from this web site during the shows...
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Big Island Broadcast Show #231- Oct 25, 2014 Hawaii Behind the Scenes at the Ironman World Championship - Active Lava flow threathens Big Island town

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Happy New Year Live Music
We share with you a couple of songs we recorded live, in this podcast episode.  They were both part of holiday gigs.  We had two holiday gigs this year, separated by 4 hours of sleep.  Nonetheless,...
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