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Hawaii Honeymoon Budgeting

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Facing Divorce When You Have Young Kids: a Flower Essence Journey
You’re probably not aware of this, because it’s only through personal referrals, but Siena does private one-to-one consultations with people, using her background in holistic health, coaching, and healing, to help them navigate life challenges. Part of this work usually involves flower essences, a type of holistic energy medicine. But what does this look like? How many flower essences does a client take? For how long? Which ones? The answers vary, because each person is unique, but in this episode you’ll get a pretty good feel for how this all works, when Siena shares what one particular client’s journey really looked like. Link to episode about flower essences: 132 Flower Essences: An Underrated Holistic Modality for Emotional Wellness and Balance – Link to LAACC flower essence blends: In this episode, we refer to a flower essence blend we call ‘CHANGE;’ at the time of recording this, ‘CHANGE’ is only available by special request. We’re very possibly going to be adding CHANGE to our line, though.  We recommend taking a maximum of 3 flower essence blends during any one time period. Here’s the flower essence journey recounted in this episode: 1 yr, 4 mos: a custom blend 4 mos.: another custom blend to address change, and TRAUMA-HEAL 3 mos.: STRENGTH, TRAUMA-HEAL current: SELF-LOVE & PURPOSE Link to episode about flower essences: (episode name: 132 Flower Essences: An Underrated Holistic Modality for Emotional Wellness and Balance) Link to LAACC flower essence blends: Trauma-Heal: Strength: Self-Love: Purpose: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Waimea-Avalanche 3/15/2011
Waimea-Avalanche 3/15/2011.
SloMo Visual Experience. (No Audio Track).
Let your sense of sight paint the picture.

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